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We believe it is the work of this church to share the message of spiritual rejuvenation through Jesus Christ to every person, and we want you to receive the blessing that is found in that message. Please join us this week and rejoice in what the Spirit of God will give to you!

"Strong Faith for Confusing Times"

When we look at the many questions about life and death, and when we consider the problems of this generation even the most fervent believer will sometimes look up to the heavens and cry out, Why? …Why me? …Why now? …Why this? Those questions ring across the centuries and through every generation. All of us ask them sooner or later. If you haven't yet, you will. They are hard questions that do not admit of easy answers. The godliest of believers have sometimes wondered about the ways of God, but Job never got a complete answer when he asked why, so what can WE expect?

As I read the Bible I don't think there is one single answer as to why? We get one kind of answer in the book of Genesis, another kind of answer in Job, and still other answers in the book of Psalms. Ecclesiastes takes yet another approach, and the gospels present us with a Christ whose very coming alters the way we think about everything. I don’t mean to suggest that these various perspectives contradict each other, it’s just that the problem of human suffering is so vast that we need many different ways to think about it.

That’s where the book of Habakkuk comes in. In a new series we begin today, we’re going to dig deep into this little book which was written just before the world caved in for the people of Judah.

Whereas most prophetic books contain a message from God to a nation or group of people. Habakkuk records a dialogue between one man and God.

If you’ve ever felt like you had a few questions for God this is the book for you. Join us for this inquisitive study that looks at how we can get the answers we look for from God when times get confusing.


About Us...

We are a group of Christians who use the New Testament as the pattern and guide for all we do. Our goal as a congregation is to worship, exalt, and glorify Jesus Christ, not ourselves or any other person or thing. Therefore, our efforts are directed toward promoting commitment to Christ, not to any man or institution.

Our worship is simple but meaningful, consisting of singing, praying, sharing in the communion, teaching and preaching from God's word and giving a free-will offering for the work of the church.


What is the Bible all about?

So many people wish they knew the big picture of the bible, but it all seems so difficult or time consuming to discover. But what if there was a way to hear about and know the big picture in less than 1 hour? It is possible! If you are interested knowing the big picture of the bible please contact us and we will be glad to share it with you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

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