“Filling Our Days With Prayer”

Categories: Prayer

How often do our thoughts center on the Lord?  Many times I become so caught up in the pressures of the day that it will be afternoon before I stop and really reflect on the goodness of God and the kind of day He would have me lead.  Appointments and deadlines consume our minds and push the weightier things aside.

In reading about great men of faith, one common thread was present in most of their lives: they began their day in prayer.  What could better set the day’s tone than starting off in conversation with God?  In this way one tells the Lord that the upcoming day is committed to Him, and serves a reminder throughout the hours that the Lord is with us through every challenge we face.

Is it any wonder then that we are commanded to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17)?  Our daily routine is to be completely centered on the things of God from the moment of waking until we place our head on the pillow again at night.  This does not just describe a person who prays, but rather a person who lives his life immersed in prayer.

--Kerry Williams